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Wine Tools
These are just a few fun things to help you make the most of your wine.  So open a bottle, pour yourself a glass,
sit back, and relax.
"Here's to the corkscrew - a useful key to unlock the
storehouse of wit, the treasury of laughter, the front
door of fellowship, and the gate of pleasant folly."
W.E.P. French
A few tips to help you understand the complexities and differences from one wine to another.

Wine Evaluation Chart  & Aroma Wheel(.pdf)
This chart is from the American Wine Society and is a nice concise way to evaluate what's in your glass.  Feel free to print this out and
use it with your friends and family to see how your wines are ranking up amongst each other.

For the Aroma Wheel, start from the inside with your first impression (smell) and work your way out to the next categories after you
swirl the wine around in your mouth, and then use the last descriptions after you swallow.  Process of elimination helps.  Wines are
usually composed of many different aromas, so work the wheel as much as you can.  You will always get better with practice.

Food Pairing Guide
This is wonderful wine and food pairing website.  It is cleverly done, enjoyable, and educational.  

RJ Spagnols Kit Aging Tips(.pdf)
These are some guidelines direct form the manufacturer of our wine kits.  The directions are a rough guideline as I am sure no one has
the self control to not drink at least one of their bottles immediately.  This will help to know when the wines will peak and also allow you
to make sure you don't let them turn by sitting to long, if that's even possible.    One of the best parts of having 30 bottles is that you can
taste how the wine matures with time.  For some, these guidelines may not apply as they might realize they enjoy the freshness of a
certain wine as opposed to its more mellowed out older brother.  The bottom line is, experiment and educate yourself, and enjoy your
wine at all different ages.

Cellaring Tips (.pdf)
If you have a cellar or plan on starting one, these are some things to keep in mind on how to store your wine to keep it at its best.